Dear Ruby Mae, {Happy 1st Birthday!}

23 Jun

Dear Ruby,

Happy first birthday to the most beautiful, sweetest, craziest, cuddliest, cutiest, smiliest, giggliest, loveliest, smartiest (we have no clue where you get it) Baby Goo in the whole Universe!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it has been A WHOLE YEAR since the day you came charging into our lives. There I was, dealing with your crazy brother and your cutie father, in full fledged denial about having you. I kept telling myself “There is no way this baby is coming before 41 weeks” because your crazy little brother was almost two weeks late. Thanks, by the way, for not making me wait that long. But really? Preeclampsia and risk of stroke? Thanks Ruby. Its a good thing you are the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever laid my eyes upon.

I was in such shock when we went to the hospital on June 23rd and found out that, you would in fact be born that day. That even as they were stitching me back up (Again, thanks Ruby) I couldn’t believe it was finally the moment we had anxiously been awaiting for our whole lives. The day we would meet our daughter, the day Jude would meet his sister, his new best friend.

After surgery, they took me into recovery and laid you on my chest, my heart doubled in size and I knew that nothing in the world could make our family as happy as you made us that day. I was so nervous to attempt breastfeeding you, because Jude had NO interest in trivial things such as eating, sleeping or doing anything but be crazy. But your father brought you to me, the nurse to my right smiled and encouraged me and in a matter of a few minutes, you did what I never thought was possible, you latched. After two unwanted C-sections and a failed breastfeeding attempt with Jude, that moment validated me as a woman and a mother. We had and instant bond and I just couldn’t believe how unbelievably lucky our family was to welcome this gorgeous, beautiful, sweet princess into our lives.

And once you latched? You just kept on wanting to latch, girl. I knew to expect to breastfeed most of the first 3 months of your life, but girrrrrrrrl, you did not STOP breastfeeding for the first 3 months. Thank goodness Daddy bought me that iPhone4, nawwhatimean?

When we first brought you home, I think Jude liked you, but he pretty much hated us. For like…two months. So that was fun…playing on my iPhone, secretly loving every second of being “forced” to bond with you in a chair 6 hours a day.

I guess that magic boob juice did its thang because, you started to (slowly, really slowly) grow and develop and each day that passed I would look at you and think, ‘No seriously, this girl ACTUALLY gets cuter every single day.’ My favorite pass time became torturing you with an insane amount of wardrobe changes and gigantic bows and flowers on your head. You were such a good sport and often cooed and smiled as I took a ridiculous amount of photos of you each day.

Soon the fall came and we got SO excited to pick out costumes for Jude and you. We ended up dressing you up as a Puppy and a Kitty and let me tell you it was the cutest thing in the whole world. No, for real. We had a big party with all of your guys’ friends and you both had a blast. Thanksgiving came and went so quickly and soon it was your first Christmas. I tortured you even more than I tortured you before with wardrobe changes. I’d say I’m sorry, but…I’m not. You were very interested in watching “The Jude Show” as Daddy and I have named it, and you didn’t even act disappointed when Jude got all the good presents and all you got were more stupid bows and boring baby food. Of course you were both equally spoiled by your Nana, Grandpa, Papa, Lita & Aunties and Uncles. They even got you real presents, that’s love. Just remember who breastfed you in the chair 6 hours a day, mmkay?

All of the sudden it was 2012 and it has been….eventful to say the least.

In January Jude was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and I think you were a little bit disappointed, because you enjoy The Jude Show and you really didn’t see the need for the volume to be turned down like the Doctors and us did. But you loved him despite his success in learning how to communicate more and his need to throw tantrums lessening. The second you started sitting up and attempting to crawl, a light went off in Jude’s mind that you were in fact awesome. His new best friend forever. He began kissing, hugging, playing and singing with you at every opportunity.

Now, as your Mama, I’d like to think that you save your brightest, most endearing smile just for me (THREE. MONTHS. BREASTFEEDING. Non-stop. Non. Stop.) but one day I saw your brother push Daddy out of the way to run to you and kiss you first thing when he woke up and there was no doubt in my mind that you in fact save your brightest, happiest, sweetest smile for your best friend, your crazy brother. And every day that passes, your relationship grows and changes. You chase, tackle, scratch and kick each other like wild animals. You snuggle on the couch. You share your food with each other (and coming from you, that’s a high honor) and sometimes even share your toys. I hope that your relationship will always stay this way, but alas that isn’t usually the case. But I hope when you are old enough to read this and really understand, you will remember that you saved your brightest smile for your brother at one time and no matter how hard life gets, I close my eyes and think of that smile and peace overcomes me.

February brought more challenges to our life than I really thought I could bare. My brother, your Uncle Bobby, tragically passed away on February 21st , he was only 22 years old. I wish he could have gotten the opportunity to hold and kiss you, but I know he saw pictures of you and bragged about how absolutely gorgeous you were. This was the hardest time in my life. I wanted to stay in bed all day and sob, but I had Thing 1 and Thing 2 running around my house like a pack of freakin’ wildabeasts 24/7. And you know what the most annoying thing Jude and you did? You just refused to stop being so damn cute & happy all the damn time. It’s as if you knew I needed to borrow your happiness, so you both tried extra hard to remind me how blessed and lucky I was and you both refused to let me be depressed. Sad was acceptable, but depressed was not even an option with the amount of cuteness I had being rubbed in my face all day.

So, can I brag about your Daddy now? Because you are one lucky little girl. He loves you almost as much as I do, okay maybe the same, and he has cherished you since the moment you arrived. He constantly works hard to support all of us and pay for all those stupid bows. He changes your diaper, snuggles you, sings to you, praises you, dressed you up and brags about you incessantly. I’m not willing to accept the possibility of you being a Daddy’s girl yet, but if I was you, I don’t know that I could help but be one. With how awesome and amazing I am, I know it’s hard to believe…but your Dad is the most amazing man I have ever met. He cherishes us like Daddies should, he is so much more calm, compassionate, open-minded and hard working than I could ever dream of being. The day we got married was the happiest day of my life, because it lead to the birth of Jude and then you. My biggest prayer for you is that one day you find someone as incredible as your Daddy, it will be hard, but you are much better looking than your Mama already, so I don’t worry too much.

Despite the challenges, it has been the best year of my life. Each day I spend with Jude and you is not always easy, but its always filled with love and happiness. Daddy and I may not always be able to afford all those stupid bows, but we will always be with you in heart and mind. Nearly every decision in our lives is based on the well being and happiness of you and your brother, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world.

A few weeks ago, I guess you decided you were done with breastfeeding, because no matter how many times I’d try to get you to nurse, you just wanted to be independent, run around and watch The Jude Show some more. I tried not to take it personally, but it was the first time in your life I felt like you needed me just a little bit less. It’s not a good feeling, but part of being a good Mom is allowing you to be who and what you want to be, so I will always try to support your choices, even if it means I don’t get to burn those extra 500 calories a day.

Please know that you can do anything you put your mind to. You are the best kind of girl…completely gorgeous, sweet, independent, hilarious and 110% completely fearless. Thank you for blessing our lives in every way. We love you so much more than I could ever put into words, but I hope this helps. Happy first Birthday Baby Goo!!!

Love you to the moon and back,


Ruby Mae’s First Year Slideshow


TGIF (Thank God It’s February)

1 Feb

So, January 2012 was the month from hell.

Oh, Hi there. How are you?

I haven’t blogged in quite awhile and my next post is an attempt to explain why the hell not.

To attempt to make a long story short, Jude has been having some issues that we have been noticing since he was about 1.5 years old. At the forefront of them is his lack of communication/lack of progress when it comes to language & communication. Its very common for people to brush off these kinds of things and throw out things such as “Boys will be Boys!” and “My cousin didn’t talk until she was 7 and shes a GENIUS!” So we went with that for awhile. Ruby was born and we thought maybe his regression was OUR FAULT. Because, good parents blame themselves, not their children.

In addition to Jude’s language delay, we have noticed that he seems to be a very anxious kid. Meaning, he has a lot of coping mechanisms for “anxiety”. We noticed all of this progressively getting worse, in addition to prolonged and sometimes self-destructive tantrums. One day, after an out of the ordinary accelerated tantrum, Michael sat me down and basically had an intervention with me.

It seems like you are always making an excuse for Jude’s behavior.


The following day, we had an appointment with Jude’s pediatrician to have his ears checked for a cold, so we decided to go ahead and speak with her about some of our concerns. We didn’t really have to convince her that something wasn’t right, when Jude through another scary tantrum in the Doctors Office that day.

She recommended we get in touch with an organization called Alta Regional and set up an appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician and a formal Hearing test with the Audiologist (they always check a child’s hearing first when there is any kind of language delay).

Alta Regional is a God send in every way. They immediately understood what we were going through and got the process rolling for us. First, Jude had an evaluation with an Occupational Therapist.

In a nutshell, the OT believes there is something wrong with Jude’s nervous system. To a normal person, things such as bright lights, loud noise, itchy sweaters, etc. cause annoyance. But to Jude, it causes extreme anxiety. Reality and how Jude’s brain and body interpret the world around him are two different things. For instance, something as simple as having Jude change out of his clothes and get into the shower can be extremely anxiety inducing and stressful, despite whether or not he actually loves being in the bath (which he does). So what the Occupational Therapy is going to help do is help Jude deal with his anxiety and hopefully help his brain and body learn how to regulate the anxiety. For example, at Therapy, there was a bucket of balls. Because seeing that many balls at once is so overwhelming to Jude’s brain, his reaction is to dump the bucket of balls and try to roll around in the balls instead of making the choice of picking one ball to play with and be satisfied with that.

Because of the issues with his nervous system, things like depth perception, height, weight, texture are being misinterpreted by Jude’s brain. For example, Jude loves to swing and enjoys swinging very high. But if I pick him up and set him on the kitchen counter, he shakes with fear. Because he is unable to regulate or understand how high he actually is.

Part of the reason Jude enjoys being so rough or maybe even seems to “enjoy” small amounts of pain is because it is a physical release for his anxiety. In the same way that sometimes when we are mad we feel like punching a wall. He also doesn’t have the capacity to regulate how rough he is being so that is why he may even “hug too hard” or express even joy in a “hard” way.

Now, in terms of his lack of speech, the therapist said the reason he is so far behind is because of all this going on in Jude’s brain constantly, he isn’t in the right frame of mind to learn or be taught new things. His brain is too busy thinking about all the other things around him he sees, smells, hears.

The OT recommended that Jude is submerged in intense Occupational and Speech therapy. Especially because Jude can be of danger to himself until he learns how to better monitor his senses and anxiety.

A lot to take in. Que panic attacks, vomiting and little sleeping.

The following day was his assessment with the Speech Therapist.

The ST came to our house, which is where his Speech Therapy will take place weekly. The ST seems super knowledgeable and again I like she totally understood Jude and where he is struggling instantly. She agreed with everything the OT talked to us about the day before, in terms of Jude’s sensory issues and his need to get those things sorted first and foremost. Mostly we just talked about Jude and she observed and played with him. All of his therapy will be “play lead” because that is the easiest way for him to continue being interested. The OT & ST both agreed that “playing hard” with Jude is what feels good to him and will help relieve a lot of the anxiety that he has.

We are going to be starting adding more Pro-Biotics (powered) and DHA Fish Oil (liquid) to Jude’s diet as the ST recommended. She reccomends that we focus on teaching Jude words while playing with him in association to a movement. For instance, simply jumping/hopping with him and saying “Jump, jump, jump!” or tossing him into the air and saying “Up”. He is much more likely to participate when physicality is involved. Another tip she has given us to help him with his anxiety is to tell Jude our plans before we attempt them, for instance when he wakes up in the morning say, “Okay Jude, first we are going to change your diaper, then eat breakfast then we will go outside and kick the ball”. Or if we will be taking him out of the house, try to prepare him for what the environment will like, as in “Jude, today we will be going to the play area at the mall. We are going to see lots of kids and bright lights and loud noises.”

Most importantly we need to focus on making all kinds of silly sounds with him, like “Vroooooom” when playing cars or making animal noises with him. This will help him see the importance and fun involved with communication. Right now he doesn’t really understand the need for it, so we need to make it more appealing to him.

She also recommended using songs like “Wheels on the bus” and “Itsy Bitsy” to do with Jude, any songs that have “signing” or physicality associated with them.

I asked her what “term” might be used to describe the struggles Jude is having and she said, while she is not the person who can officially diagnose these things, some of the terms we might hear on the evaluations would be Sensory Processing Disorder, but she acknowledged that she can tell how smart Jude is and how much Jude wants to be intimate and interact with others, which is not typical of a child with Autism, so this Early Intervention is going to help him extremely. Also it’s important to add that just because he is dealing with this now, does not mean that he will be dealing with it forever.

So the following two weeks consisted of more panic attacks, crying, hugging and worrying by Michael and our families. We waited for the appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician like it was Christmas morning. If, by that I mean, Christmas morning consisted of someone punching you in the face repeatedly.

Well that day was yesterday. I woke up at 6am after having a bottle of Sparkling Wine before bed like it was my job. Michael said he was impressed with my ability to kill a bottle of wine so fast as he hadn’t seen me do that in a while.

We got ready and my Mom & Everitt came to watch Ruby while we went to the appointment. Well, first I threw up twice, then we left.

Once arriving at the hospital I began to feel my feet getting very heavy and my heart began to beat so fast I started getting paranoid that the people in the elevator could hear it.

Michael let Jude run laps around the lobby while we waited for 20 minutes (felt like 200) and eventually we were called back by the Developmental Pediatrician and his Nurse. We were taken into a room that reminded me of a SVU scene and they began evaluating Jude. Asking him to do certain puzzles, tasks, speak, etc. Then they interviewed us, reviewed the other Evaluations, etc.

After awhile the DP said, “Well, Jude shows no signs of Autism, Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness or any other genetic disorder that we can see.”

Try to remember the happiest feeling you’ve ever experienced.

The multiply that time about 100 and that is how Michael and I felt.

Not that we really thought or worried (okay maybe we did) that those things would be wrong with Jude, but to have someone who knows what he is talking about calm that fear inside of us? Well, its the best thing I’ve ever heard.

So we went on to discuss about Jude’s therapy with Alta and the Doctor agreed that is the best thing we can do for Jude at this time. He said Jude does have a 40% language delay, but it is more common than people think. 1 in 10 children have a language delay. He couldn’t (or didn’t want to) really discuss Jude’s nervous system issues with us, because, that is not something that Kaiser considers to even be a disorder (because then they would have to actually treat him, god forbid). But he did say that children that receive treatment for Language Delay before the age of 4 are likely to not only be caught up to their peers by the time they enter Kindergarten, but can often surpass their peers as well.

We thanked him for his time and we were on our way. Jude had his hearing test yesterday afternoon and although it was painful (lots of screaming) he passed with flying colors. The Audiologist said she actually thinks Jude has immaculate/accelerated hearing ability for his age.

So, where do we go from here? Well, I got an email from Alta as soon as we left the DP letting us know that Jude is approved for OT & ST!!!!! We will be getting him enrolled this Friday and hopefully that means that he will be able to start his Therapy asap!!!!!!!!

Michael said he has never went from so sad to so happy in one day before. I couldn’t agree more.

Why are we sharing this information with all of you? Well, because its our life. And truthfully the only people that read this blog are people who love us and are there to support us every step of the way. Now that we are into the GOOD part of the process, I can’t wait to share all of Jude’s PROGRESS and SUCCESSES with you.

To all of our close friends and family, we cannot thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers & support over this past month. I can’t tell you how much it has meant to me. I’ve never had to walk through something so scary and stressful in my life. Now I feel such a renewed sense of hope and joy for my little baby.

Jude is the sweetest, cutest, most loveable, fun, thoughtful, loving, generous little boy in the whole world. He makes our lives worth living in every way. We are so blessed to be Jude’s parents. Thank you God for trusting us to care for this little angel. He means more to us that words can truthfully say. So, I’ll stop talking now.

If you made it to the end, you deserve a cookie.

Life is Incredible Sometimes {Warning: Heartfelt}

15 Nov

Today Michael and I (anxiously) ventured out to the grocery store with both kids. It went surprisingly well (yay progress).

When we reached the checkout, I was holding Ruby facing over my left shoulder. A middle aged gentleman came up behind us and was instantly enamored with her. They were smiling back and forth at each other for several minutes. The man told me how adorable she was and how beautiful her eyes were (how nice to hear something aside “Wow….she’s really small.”). They continued smiling at each other and it seemed like Ruby was really putting on a smile show for him.

After a few more minutes, the man asked me what her name was.

Ruby.” I replied.

He stopped for a second and with tears welling up in his eyes he said, “Seriously?!” I shook my head and wondered what he meant.

He said, “Well you might think this is crazy but that was my Mother’s name.”  and continued, “Today was her birthday.”

I could tell he was a little taken aback with emotion and I replied, “Well, she must be looking out for you today!”

Ruby continued smiling and began to coo at him.

I said, “Its not a very common name, you know?” He shook his head and continued smiling with her with tears in his eyes.

Another minute of Ruby hamming it up continued (can you tell our cashier was old?) and I curiously asked him, “What was her middle name?”

Mae.” he said.

I felt chills on the back of my neck.

Now I said, “Seriously?!” He looked at me curiously.

I said, “I swear to God, her middle name is Mae. Ruby Mae Reese”.

He began to cry.

I began to cry.

We just stared at Ruby, who was still smiling and cooing. Ruby reached her hand toward him and he took a step closer to her. A cashier at the next aisle over asked the man if he wanted to be checked out.

He said, “No, I think I’ll stay with Ruby Mae a little longer.”

Ruby’s 4 Month Checkup

1 Nov

Photo by Vida Mia Photography

Today was Ruby’s 4th month checkup. She is now 11lbs, 4oz and 24 inches long. For her age that puts her in the 25th percentile for weight, not sure about her percentile for height but the Doctor said she is tall and skinny for her age and if she is lucky, she will stay that way her whole life. Ruby is hitting all of her milestones, babbling, rolling over both ways, grabbing/holding toys. We were anxious about her shots but she took them like the little princess she is, only cried for 30 seconds or less and was fine as soon as Mama was holding her.

I have so much I want to share from Jude’s birthday/Halloween, I’m going to try and get on that soon 🙂 Plus, we just took family portraits on Sunday and I can’t wait to share all of them with you when they are done. We got a 4 picture preview and the one posted above was a part of that. The cuteness KILLS ME DEAD.

Happy 4 Months Ruby Mae

23 Oct


It has been too long since I’ve had time to do anything with two hands besides breastfeed, change diapers, fold laundry, cook, clean or drive. But here I am, on a real computer with two free hands (Thanks to Jude’s exhaustion and Michael playing with Ru).

I can’t believe it has been four months since Ruby was born but on the other hand, I can’t imagine our family without her. Things have been….busy. I seriously feel like having one child was like being on vacation compared to this. Having two babies at the neediest stages of life, what was I thinking? Not that I would have it any other way, but I was kidding myself before trying to imagine how difficult it would be. It’s like running a marathon with no finish line. It’s also more intense this time around because I am breastfeeding, which requires SO MUCH MORE work, dedication, patience, planning and sleep deprivation. It is so unbelievably worth it to me though, I love it. It forces me to take time for just Ruby and I to bond. I really wish I would have been able to experience nursing Jude, but I’m glad he was still able to receive breast-milk in a bottle.

Jude’s interest in Ruby seems to increase by the week. The more Ruby is able to talk, wiggle and interact with him, the more he loves her. We have to be careful though, because sometimes he is a little too excited to play with his sister. He is doing so much better on the jealousy front, but there are still times when I am nursing Ruby that he decides is the perfect time to try and jump on my lap. It makes me feel so bad to try and juggle that time between the two of them, but I know it is just a phase.

Ruby sleeps okay at night. She wakes up 2-3 times (for about 30 minutes), but at least when she is done nursing, she usually goes right back to sleep. I’m not sure what her stats are yet because her next doctor’s appointment isn’t until November 1st. I look forward to it. I don’t worry about her eating because that is all this girl still likes to do it seems 🙂 She began talking and making beautiful little cooing noises and squeals about a month ago. I haven’t gotten a “real” giggle or laugh out of her yet, but she is the happiest lil baby I’ve ever seen.  Everywhere we go people stop us to tell us how beautiful she is, how cute and tiny she is. I can’t help but agree. Her demeanor is so delicate and lovely, soft and sweet. I joke that after having such an energetic child like Jude, I’m deserving of an “easy baby”. Ruby is so fascinated by Jude’s energy and laughter, her face lights up watching him.

No matter how tired or stressed I get, I can’t help but feel like the luckiest Mama in the whole world. Because I am.

Earlier today:


World’s Easiest Pumpkin Muffins!

2 Oct

I found this recipe thanks to my new BFF Pinterest. Which, if you like to bake/cook/craft/party-plan at all, I highly recommend.

These muffins only require two things: 1. Boxed cake mix (spice cake mix was recommended but I had yellow on hand)
2. Can of pumpkin.

I simply mixed the two ingredients together, put the mixture in paper cupcake liners and sprinkled powdered sugar on top. They do take a little longer to bake (350 for about 22 minutes).



They got the Jude approval (his “cheese” face).
They turned out super moist and much more natural tasting than most pumpkin muffins I’ve tried!

Dear Jude, {Happy 2nd Birthday Budgie!}

29 Sep

Dear Jude,

I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote your last birthday letter. But you have changed and developed so much, maybe it seems possible. (I have a feeling most of my letters will start with this thought.) Not to mention you have a 3 month old sister now, who has already figured out you are the coolest person alive. Since your last birthday, you have begun walking, talking, running, jumping, etc. Basically, you have become the worlds most energetic person. People often ask your Daddy and I “Is he like this all the time?!”. (Yes, America…yes he is.) We wouldn’t have it any other way because life with you is so much fun! There is never a dull moment.

A favorite part of my day is hearing you wake up over your baby monitor. You have been in your big-boy-bed for several months now and trust me when I say you enjoy all the liberties it brings you. In the morning (about 7 am) we hear you rolling around. Wait, I need to first explain that you REFUSE to sleep in your actual bed. You only wish to sleep on the ground, preferably near the right window and air vent. You are a freak and we love you for that. So, we hear you mumbling to your cutie little self and making adorable stretching noises for about 30 seconds, until I suppose you realize that you are awake. Then, in the happiest, loudest, most excited little Jude voice you start yelling, “HI! HI! HI! HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!” so that Daddy will know to come and get you, change your diaper (hopefully you will be done with those by your next letter) and bring you into our bed where Ruby and I are waiting. You SLAM open the bedroom door and run to your sister, at which point you kiss her toes and face about 3-5 times (depending on the amount of sleeping you’ve had) and you make the sweetest “MUUUU-AHHHHHH!” noise. Daddy and I always “Awww!” and then try to get you to give us kisses too. Sometimes you will give kisses but most of the time you’ve already spotted a glass of water to stick your hand in or an electrical chord to try and chew on.

Your whole life is a search and destroy mission. You go from one mess to another. This drives me insane but in my defense, it even drives your sloppy Father crazy. It can be entertaining sometimes, when I’m not so worried about the mess having to be cleaned up right away. The first part of this last year was spent greatly enjoying watching you learn to walk/run. Until we figured out we would also be forced to run after you. Once you started walking, all hope of keeping you from your search and destroy mission was lost. You win.

You still love music and dancing just as much as your first year of life, if not more. We love to have dance parties, you seem to be the most into pop & rap music. I’m most likely to blame for your terrible taste. I try to imagine the future and wonder if you will play in a band like Daddy or take dance lessons like I used to do. But you are only turning 2 and that is enough heartbreak a Mother can take today.

You are obsessed with water! You love the bath, shower, pool, lake, pond, puddle, glass…anything filled with water, you’re stoked. We enjoy taking you to the Splash Park when its hot to watch you splash your crazy little hands in all the sprayers and run in circles around the other children (who are often also asking us “Is he like this all the time?” Yes. Yes, children of America.).

We have shared countless fun adventures with you over the past year! DISNEYLAND, your first pony ride at Apple Hill, admiring the animals at Folsom Zoo, spinning in the teacups at the Carnival, the birth of your cousin T2, Ruby’s baby shower, the birth of your baby sister and making music videos at Zeum  just to name a few.

You have such a vast imagination now. I love watching you play with your cars (you are OBSESSED) and see you “driving” them all over the living room, making “Vrooooooom” sounds. You tend to fixate on really strange things to play with aside cars too, such as paper, Tupperware, toothbrushes, clothing, plastic bottles, etc.

Something you don’t like so much? Eating. Unless it involves Chicken Nuggets or anything to do with sugar. For about the first 6 months you were eating “real” food, you would eat just about anything we gave you. Now? No. You are very particular. You seem to think you are the boss and have no problem making your opinion and emotions known. Which is exactly like me, so I can’t really blame you. Also similar to Dada, you like to laugh and try to make jokes when you are in trouble. It infuriates me because it is rude, but secretly I kind of like it.

When your sister was born, Daddy brought her out of the delivery room to the hallway where you were waiting to meet her with all of our family. You yelled out, “SIS!” and as he brought her closer to you, you swatted towards her. You didn’t hit her thankfully, but you seemed like you wanted to. We were so worried you would hate her and us, forever. Annnnnnd you pretty much did for a good month or so. I quickly discovered though, that it wasn’t her you didn’t like, because you love her so unconditionally… was us.  After a bit of convincing I think you realized that we still love you just as much as before Ruby was born, if not more.  You are such a loving big brother and I can’t wait to watch your relationship develop over the years. You are always trying to help me soothe or feed her your snacks (which you still don’t understand why she can’t eat chicken nuggets like you do).

Other likes include: Itsy Bitsy Spider, counting to ten with Mama, barking like a dog and meowing like a kitty, eating doughnut holes, watching Shrek & Cars, playing outside, playing at the play area at the mall, going to the park, watching the slideshows I make for you, hiding things that are important, saying “Hi!”, waving and blowing kisses, brushing your teeth, plugging your ears, jumping up and down, messing up piles of laundry, sitting uncomfortably close to the TV, banging your hands on the computer, stealing our cell phones, sneaking things off the kitchen table, swinging, making Dinosaur noises, trying to break my breastpump, Mama’s singing, stomping, rice-crispy treats, closing/opening doors, pushing any kind of buttons, things that light up, chewing on books, trying to walk from the kitchen to the bedroom with your eyes closed and running into the refrigerator, throwing your food everywhere, popcorn, balloons, tickling, Mama, Dada, playing with Ruby, etc.

Other dislikes include (but not limited to): nap time, bed time, eating, being told no, sleeping in bed, being told to do anything that isn’t your idea, anything that isn’t your idea, vacuums, silence, clean houses, grocery stores, the Doctor’s office, etc.

In two years you have learned a lot, but you have taught me so much more. Your excitement for life sparks joy in my heart every day. I can get so caught up in stupid little details, but then you come along and remind me how exciting and fun just playing with a balloon or dancing to a terrible pop song can be. Your smile makes my chest feel like its going to explode with joy. Your laughter is one of the best sounds in the world. You are so adorable I can’t help but kiss and squeeze you. I’m lucky to get to be your Mom. The love we have for you is truly indescribable. Thank you for making our lives so amazing.

Happy 2nd Birthday darling boy.



Jude’s 2 Year Stats

19 Sep

We had Jude’s checkup this morning! >

Budgie is 29lbs! 35.5 inches tall and his dome is 19.5 inches around! Go Babybear!

I also couldn’t resist weighing lil Ruby, who is now 10lbs 5oz, averaging 7oz a week weight gain! Woo!!!


So proud of my babies 🙂



Happy Weekend

10 Sep

Love, Jude & Ruby

Life as we know it.

3 Sep

Things have been going pretty great around here. Both children are happy  (healthy) and Jude seems to hate us much less now than the first month Ruby was born. Ruby is tiny, precious and such a good girl. She loves Mama and loves nursing even more. She is totally one of those babies that wants to be held 24/7. Thankfully she is my second child, so I’m now smart enough to realize this is more a blessing than a curse and try to enjoy every second of baby snuggles I can. In a flash I’m sure she will be following Jude around, throwing tantrums and punching us in the face. Okay maybe not that last part. If we are lucky.

I think one of the unexpected trials of Motherhood is the stress it brings to all the OTHER areas of your life. Your body, marriage, friendships and work suddenly take a blow and learning how to balance that part of life properly is a science I’m still experimenting with. I mean, Ruby is still tiny… most of my days consist of trying to fit in time to take a dump, shower or (God-willing) both. So I’ve had to learn to take it pretty easy on myself when it comes to my expectations. I’m learning its okay to be a boring, tired wife for now. That my house will not be like this forever. That the weight isn’t going to come off overnight. Work will come again and I’m sure all I will do is wish to go back to the days I’m living now.

Jude is turning 2 on the 29th of this month. It makes me want to cry when I think about it. I keep trying to force him into bear hugs all day long, its really cramping his independent style. He is coming out of his crazy-coma a little and starting to get back to his old, sweet (yet still psychotic) ways. I don’t know what I would do without that little boy’s smile every morning. Right now he is really into, “HIIIIIIIIII!”. He smiles at me with an admiration that is indescribable. The kids bring us a happiness unlike any other. He just adores his sister. I used to think he liked giving her kisses because every time he would be praised with an “Awww!” but we have caught him tip toeing up to her in the bouncy chair when he thinks we are not looking to kiss her toes.

Photo by the talented Priscilla Newton.

Obsessed with sand.

9 weeks.

10 weeks.